Assorted Indian Peace Silk Fabric Swatches - Matka, Ketya

INR 1000
Product Code : Peace Silk Fabric Swatchkit
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Choose Your Color :
4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)

58 Unit(s) LEFT IN STOCK!

Swatch Varieties Included : Up to 60 Products

Weight Range:  40 GSM - 180 GSM

Material: 100% Pure Peace Silk.

Fabric Price Range : 411/meter - 2340/meter

Size - 10*10 cm / 4 *4 Inch


Select Quantity as 1 for any particular swatch kit. 

**These would include an assorted selection of few colours or/and textured swatches of the particular craft, to get exact fabric swatch, please order the swatch bundle from the respective fabric page**

Natural fabrics samples Set includes various fabrics categories for apparel, upholstery, fashion, accessories and many more.

Please, choose the fabric category you are most interested in and we'll send across swatches accordingly.

For multiple categories, select different swatch set, as needed.

Matka silk is a rough Handloom Silk Fabric made from the waste mulberry silk without removing its gum (Sericin). It is largely obtained from the states of Karnataka and Kashmir but its spinning is done in the Malda and Murshidabad districts in West Bengal. Anuprerna works with ten artisan clusters for Matka Silk across West Bengal , India. 


-- Washing GUIDANCE --

Always dry clean handmade wild raw silk fabrics. For some silks like Mulberry, you can try gentle hand wash (try with a swatch first).

Use a minimum amount of gentle detergent & cold water to wash. Gently put the fabric in detergent water & take it out immediately. For stain, gently wash with liquid soap/spot cleanser to wipe it off. Don’t use bleach.

Roll the fabric in a towel to absorb the water. Don’t wring or twist.

Lay it out flat or position the item properly on the hanger to dry in shade.

-- COLOR --

Please note that colors may vary from the visible product image. Also, handwoven fabrics are unique and the color may vary slightly from item to item and also . We embrace this quality, as just like you and me - even the fiber will be who they want to be.
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Processing Time : 1-3 days 

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If a product or produce does not substantially conform to the description, quantity and quality specified in the website, then you should make a complaint to Support@anuprerna.Com within 7 days from delivery of the product.

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