Artisan Clusters


Indian Traditional Textiles Are Treasured Across The Globe For Its Richness And Quality. These Beautiful Fabrics Are Woven By The Skilled Weavers On A Loom. Jamdani in one such craft that requires experienced weavers. These Artisans take immense pride in their culture and heritage. A few master the beautiful technique of Jamdani weaving and pass it down the generation. Anuprerna has maintained a work relation of over 30 years with such artisans from four weavers cluster.

Anuprerna is closely working with Jamdani weavers four clusters spread across the district of Burdwan in West Bengal.


Artisan Dilip Pal can be seen carefully laying down the extra weft to form Jamdani motifs.


Team Anuprerna

Team Anuprerna

At Anuprerna, We Request Everyone To Contribute And Share. This Way We Can Create Global Recognition For These Beautiful Handwoven Crafts & Textiles To Bestow Value Onto The Ordinary Lives Of Our Artisans With Extraordinary Skills. And We Believe That's The Only Way We Can Build A Sustainable And Ethical World For Ourselves.

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