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5 Attributes to Consider While Choosing Summer Fabrics for Clothing

With the summer here, people are looking for breathable fabric for summer wardrobes. Though most people simply dress just according to their personal style, some still want to choose the right fabric for their clothes. If you are one of those people and you are wondering what fabric to wear this summer season, then this blog is for you. We have listed ways to pick the best summer fabrics this season:

The best fabric to choose in summer is one that is light, breathable and comfortable. Five main points to look out for while choosing your fabric are-


Lightweight fabrics are perfect for summer because they allow you to cool down quickly when the temperature rises. As the name suggests, such fabrics are not heavy and weigh down on your body. They are light and sit comfortably on your skin. Thus keeping you feeling cool and fresh.

Lightweight fabrics also have the advantage of being versatile. They can be layered as and when requires and can be made into any clothing item be it a dress, blouse, skirt or even pants. They also tend to be available in more hues and shades.

Chambray fabrics are a very good example of lightweight fabric. They come in a variety of shades and are a great alternative to regular denim jeans which can be uncomfortable during summers.


Breathable fabrics are the ones which are woven just loose enough to allow air to pass through them, so sweat can evaporate quickly without causing you discomfort or dampness in your clothing.

The evaporation takes away the body heat, thus making you feel cool and not sweaty.

Fabrics like Khadi are known for being great breathable fabric for summer. The manual hand spinning and handweaving technique of Khadi allows for free passage of air.


The light-coloured surface reflects most of the heat away from it. In contrast, black or any dark colour surface absorbs most of the heat from the sun instead of reflecting it.

The same holds true for fabrics as well. Light-coloured fabric will reflect heat away from the body and not store it. Thus you would feel cooler. Black or dark fabrics will instead make you feel hotter and consequently make you sweat more and be uncomfortable.


One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is by wearing absorbent fabrics. These fabrics wick moisture away from your skin and allow it to evaporate readily instead of trapping it. Like in the case of breathable fabrics, evaporation takes away body heat and helps cool the body. Cotton is the most absorbent fibre.

"It is said that Cotton can absorb about 25 times its weight in water."

Thus, cotton fabrics in general are the best choice for summers. Cotton fabric made using a honeycomb weave is even more absorbent.


Natural fabrics, in general, are better for the summer months. They tend to be hydrophilic which means they are water-loving or absorbent. 

On the other hand, synthetic fabrics are hydrophobic. That is they are poor absorbers of water. They don't absorb sweat or perspiration and leave the wearer feeling clammy and uncomfortable. Consequently, body heat remains trapped making one feel hotter and sweat even more. Thus fabrics made from natural fibre types are the better option.


COTTON- Cotton fabric is a great choice for hot summer months. It's breathable, cool in the summer & has excellent moisture absorption properties, so it's comfortable to wear.

LINEN- Linen fabric features a smooth texture that comes in various shades of white or cream with a natural sheen. it is lightweight and allows the wearer to breathe well. Linen fabric is also very easy to wash and dry.

SILK- Silk is a good fabric for hot summer months. It is light, breathable and cool. Silk is a very comfortable fabric, has a cool feel against your skin & it also wicks away moisture well. Silk has a beautiful sheen and lustre and thus can be worn on special occasions.

KHADI- Khadi is a fabric made by handweaving handspun yarn. The manual process lends it imperfection in yarn thickness and weaves which makes it more breathable than regular cotton fabric. Khadi fabric is also easy to care for & does not lose its shape after washing, so you can wear it in different outfits without any problem.

CHAMBRAY- The lightweight structure of the cotton Chambray fabric allows it to be cooler than other fabrics & it is durable enough to withstand the heat without fading or shrinking. Due to the similarity in appearance with denim, it makes for a great lightweight and comfortable alternative during the hotter months.

Picking the fabric as per the weather or climate is not just about comfort but also for the healthy functioning of our body. Natural and light fabrics are the way to go during summer. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics are the worst to wear in hot weather. They are not as breathable as cotton and can be very uncomfortable when you are exposed to high temperatures. Besides that, heavy-weight fabric too wears you down and makes you sweaty. Thus it is best to avoid such fabrics as well.

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