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5 Steps involved in Hand Looms

Long before the weaving can actually start, the yarns for setting up the loom is prepared. This prepatory phase starts from choosing the yarn and its quantiy, goes through yarn dyeing, washing, winding and warping/drumming, and continues all the way to drafting and denting. The pre-loom phase is time consuming as well as takes a lot of effort.

The process begins with calculating how much yarn is needed per colour (depending on the planned width, length and pick count).

Then the required quantity of yarn is sent for dyeing in the desired colours (which have been tested and approved). The dyed yarn is given a wash to remove excess dye.

Team Anuprerna

Team Anuprerna

At Anuprerna, We request everyone to contribute and share. This way we can create global recognition for these beautiful handwoven crafts & textiles to bestow value onto the ordinary lives of our artisans with extraordinary skills. And we believe that's the only way we can build a sustainable and ethical world for ourselves.

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