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8 Most Popular Kinds of Handwoven Check Fabric Pattern

A Checkered Pattern is formed when two series of perpendicular lines/stripes intersect each other. These lines may be of different thickness, with different intervals, different hues etc. And the permutation and combination of these leads to a plethora of Check Designs like Gingham Check Fabric, Tartan Pattern, Plaid etc. Today, we are exploring the 8 Most Popular Kinds of Checks.


Houndstooth pattern is a pattern formed by broken-checks or uneven checks that resemble a dog’s tooth ( also 4 pointed stars). The houndstooth fabric is a popular choice for jackets, trousers and suits. Houndstooth weave can be found in many different patterns and colors. The name comes from the resemblance of the pattern to hunting dogs’ teeth.


Gingham is the simplest of the checks involving thicker lines, in this case, generally a single color crossing on a white background.

Apparels made of gingham check fabric are often worn with pencil skirts or other tailored garments. Gingham's popularity has waxed and waned through the decades, but it remains one of the most popular print styles for women's clothing.


Windowpane Check is a very popular design in the textile industry and a lot of home décor fabrics are available with this pattern. It is used for almost all types of fabrics such as curtains, bed sheets, chair covers, tablecloths etc. It is also known as French windowpane or Brunswick check. The windowpane check pattern makes the fabric resemble window panes with its thin bands of light coloured bands forming checks on a contrasting solid colored background.


The graph check pattern has a regularly shaped checks formed by thin bands of a single color on a white background looking just like a graph paper. This pattern is ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and other commercial establishments. The checks can be printed using different colors to create an attractive look.


Madras check is a check pattern that uses bands of color with varying thickness to form the design. The check pattern is a bold, graphic pattern that is traditionally used in Indian clothing and textiles.

Madras check fabric are often seen on blazers and sport coats for men. They are also used as trimming for skirts and dresses.


Mini Check is basically a small check pattern sized between the pin check and the Gingham check. It was originally intended to be used as a collar on a jacket or shirt, but it can also be used in other ways. 

They are now usually used as a border on garments, and can also be used as a small detail on patterns or apparel.

They are great for those who want to make their patterns smaller or just want to add something different to a design.


Tattersall check pattern are a check pattern with regularly spaced checks (very similar to windowpane but smaller) made on white background by thin colored bands. The bands are usually of two colors resulting in a multidimensional effect.


Gun club check pattern is a pattern of double checks. In this pattern, alternating bands in two or more colors intersect on a light background creating checks. The name "gun club" is derived from the fact that it was originally used to decorate gun stocks and other wooden surfaces.

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