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Having spent over three decades, establishing relationships with invaluable artisans, we feel it’s our utmost duty to support them in this time of need. One such craft cluster that needs urgent help is our Jamdani weavers. Slowly over the years, these craftsmen along with this beautiful craft are becoming extinct & especially going through a tough phase at the moment. Thus, we have taken this initiative & we need your kind support to make it successful.

1. We are offering 20 designs of Jamdani Cotton Scarves to choose from, which you can weave by placing preorder on your website.

2. We are offering these scarves at up to 30% of the original price just to support the artisans for their wages & the material cost.

3. Click on the Link below and open the offered scarves or browse-

4. Choose one or multiple scarves and order via PreOrder button and follow the checkout procedure paying an Advance amount (Clear your earlier cart before you place preorder)

5. The usual Jamdani process from yarn to finish product takes about 45 days. Once your order is ready, you’ll be notified via your email about the same and you can pay the remaining balance to complete the order.

Please understand, the more number of orders more artisans we can support. Hopefully, we can together bring some joy to their lives especially at these unfortunate times.


Team Anuprerna

Team Anuprerna

At Anuprerna, We request everyone to contribute and share. This way we can create global recognition for these beautiful handwoven crafts & textiles to bestow value onto the ordinary lives of our artisans with extraordinary skills. And we believe that's the only way we can build a sustainable and ethical world for ourselves.

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