Artisan Support

To Battle Cyclone Amphan in Solidarity with Bengal, the Home of Artisans

Let's show Our solidarity With Bengal, the Home of our beautiful Artisans in Battle against the most severe cyclone “Amphan” seen in decades on top of the deadliest COVID19 Pandemic that already hugely impacted the struggling socio-economical situation. Millions of people are affected with already confirmed news of 70+ deaths and financial loss of one lakh crore (1 trillion INR).

On 20 May 2020 the super Cyclone Amphan roared into West Bengal, causing havoc on its path. The cyclone has not only affected many people but also seriously disrupted communications, damaged thousands of homes, destroyed crops and livestock, probably totalling billions of dollars of damage.

Houses and streets are water clogged, a vast number of trees uprooted blocking roads and alleys. Due to Coronavirus pandemic, there is not enough manpower and help to manage the natural crisis. States close to the coastal areas like  North and South 24 Parganas,  East Midnapore and Sundarbans areas are severely hit. Thousands of people have lost their homes. And millions have lost their livelihoods. Bengal desperately needs your support and solidarity. 

So far, our artisans are safe but the ripple of economic devastation will eventually reach to all strata of the society and impact their livelihood as well. So we request you all to come together and spread the news. 

The govt alone is not sufficient in the face of such a destructive force of nature. We all need to stand in solidarity.  In regards to that, a really wonderful initiative is taken by a group of professionals who belongs to my own alma mater IIM Kozhikode, Oxford, Delhi University, and other prestigious institutes. They are working with grassroots NGOs who are involved directly supporting the districts that are severely damaged by the deadly cyclone. You can go through the detailed initiative as provided below. 

If you need more details or want to support us in any other way, please email us, speak to us. Also, we request you to kindly spread the word among your friends and colleagues as well