Textile Care


All our fabrics undergo repeated washing at both the yarn and fabric stage. This ensures better dye penetration, removal of any yarn impurities and also pre-shrunk during finishing process to avoid any further shrinkage in the finished textiles.

Turn your clothes inside out, especially for dark colors.

Use mild soap or detergent.

Hand wash in cold water (gentle cycle if machine wash).

Air dry in sunlight or tumble dry on low heat. Remove items promptly from dryer.

Iron with low-medium heat only. If fabric is dried, use water spray to dampen the fabric while ironing. To get rid of the wrinkles quickly, iron the fabric while it’s still little moist.

Always dry clean handmade wild raw silk fabrics. For some silks like Mulberry, you can try gentle hand wash (try with a swatch first).

Use a minimum amount of gentle detergent & cold water to wash. Gently put the fabric in detergent water & take it out immediately. For stain, gently wash with liquid soap/spot cleanser to wipe it off. Don’t use bleach.

Roll the fabric in a towel to absorb the water. Don’t wring or twist.

Lay it out flat or position the item properly on the hanger to dry in shade.

Use natural soap or even hair/baby shampoo. You can also use a very gentle detergent with low Ph value.

Delicate hand wash recommended with cold water when washing and rinsing to help colors last longer.

For Silk, dry cleaning is advised.

Air dry in a shaded area.

Iron inside out at medium temperature.

Hand-wash in isolation to check for color overspill.

Cold water and mild detergent to be used for washing.

Do not rub harshly. Air dry in shade.

Iron inside out at medium temperature.

Lukewarm water for handwash or machine wash (gentle wash cycle for latter).

Use mild detergent for washing.

Do not wring or twist.

Tumble dry on cool setting or dry in shade to avoid fading.

Avoid ironing but if you must, use medium-hot iron while fabric is still damp or when overlayed with a damp towel.


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