As part of our vision to bring sustainability to our artisanal textiles, we have set up our in-house custom dyeing unit strictly working with Azo-Free GOTS certified branded dye and Natural Dye options.

A group of dyes that consists of chemicals and synthetic are called azo colours which are harmful to both the environment as well as human health. The textile industry is accountable for these wastages. Hence, industries are now adopting more eco-friendly alternatives. Azo free dye are low impact dyes that do not consist of nitrogen-based compounds which liberate amines and are thus eco-friendly. Natural Dyes on the other hand come directly from natural material like flowers, roots, leaves, etc and are completely biodegradable.

Here is what you can expect from our dyeing units:

1) With the dyeing units set up, we have the flexibility to produce fabrics that are either yarn-dyed or piece dyed.

2) We can also create products using different Restrict printing/dyeing techniques like Shibori or Tie-Dye.

3) We can produce custom colours with great accuracy & control the impact of dyes

4) You can share a reference for your desired hue in the form of a Pantone colour code or using our custom colour shade chart.

5) You can also avail of our swatches as a reference for the fabric characteristics which you would like to have dyed in your desired shade. Find out how to get these swatches/swatch kits, here.


At our studio, the dyeing units are using Organic certified dyes and eco-friendly chemicals.

We can use Pantone or our customised colour shade card can be shared with you. Dyeing can be achieved using azo-free and natural dyeing of textiles.

Customization can be provided with yarn-dyed, piece-dyed or custom colour chosen for hand printing or painting techniques on the base fabrics.

Team Anuprerna

Team Anuprerna

At Anuprerna, We Request Everyone To Contribute And Share. This Way We Can Create Global Recognition For These Beautiful Handwoven Crafts & Textiles To Bestow Value Onto The Ordinary Lives Of Our Artisans With Extraordinary Skills. And We Believe That's The Only Way We Can Build A Sustainable And Ethical World For Ourselves.

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