Swatches are smaller pieces of the fabric that serve as a sample. You get to see the colours in real and feel their tactile texture besides other characteristics like opacity, stretchability, softness, fold etc. This helps you pick the most appropriate fabric for your project. There are 3 methods that you can opt from for ordering your swatches-

METHOD 1: Swatch & Swatch Bundle

If you would like to add a specific swatch or swatches of multiple variants of a design, it can be added from the product detail page.

A. "ORDER A SWATCH" will add the specific product you're viewing, to your Swatch Cart.

B. "GET SWATCH BUNDLE" will add variants/colour options available for that specific design to your Swatch Cart.

From Swatch Cart, you can proceed to checkout as usual.

METHOD 2: Fabric Swatch Kits

Swatch Kit contains a vast assortment of swatches from a specific craft like Linen Swatch Kit or Shibori Swatch Kit. On adding, Swatch Kits will show up in the "Shopping Cart" instead of the Swatch Cart. The process to Checkout, however, remains the same as usual.

You can opt for this method if you wish to explore a craft without any specific colour or pattern requirement for fabric swatches.

You can find the Swatchkit page here. 

METHOD 3: Order Fabric Swatches from Moodboard/Storyboard

In this method, you can order all the specific fabric swatches that you have shortlisted according to the theme of your collection.

Create a Storyboard/Moodboard on Anuprerna and add the shortlisted products to it. (You can follow the instructions provided in this link for creating a moodboard)

Open the Storyboard Panel from your dashboard. Then open the storyboard, you would like to order the swatches from. Click on "ADD ALL TO SWATCH CART". 

Here are some quick FAQs about Swatches:

Q: what size are they?

Swatch Bundles include EVERY colour & design available in a particular fabric item or fabric quality and can contain from 2-20+ colour options All swatches are approximately 10 cm x 10 cm (4 x 4 inches) in size

Q: How much are the swatches?

Swatches are available at a nominal cost of INR 20 / 0.3 USD per swatch

Q: How long does it take to get swatches delivered?

Usually, you can expect to receive your swatches within 2-4 days within India and 6-10 business days globally. Start ordering your fabric swatches today.

Team Anuprerna

Team Anuprerna

At Anuprerna, We Request Everyone To Contribute And Share. This Way We Can Create Global Recognition For These Beautiful Handwoven Crafts & Textiles To Bestow Value Onto The Ordinary Lives Of Our Artisans With Extraordinary Skills. And We Believe That's The Only Way We Can Build A Sustainable And Ethical World For Ourselves.

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