Wholesale Production & PreOrder

At Anuprerna, we offer a Pre-ordering service. With an in-house production unit & 300+ weavers spread across multiple clusters, we are equipped to produce our textiles any time in line with a sustainable slow fashion process. Help us develop a sustainable approach to wholesale fabric production. PreOrdering your favourite design will help us minimise waste and optimise in-stock inventory.

What are Pre-orders?

Pre-orders are advance purchases made on existing items that are not immediately available or available in limited quantity or still in production when ordered. PreOrder to be placed with a minimum MoQs to meet the wholesale production need at a possible discounted price. The PreOrdered product is scheduled to be shipped at a future date considering the production timeline.

What's the usual MoQ for products?

We can offer low MoQ usually in the range of 50-100 meters for most of our fabrics and accordingly for our other textile products. Do have a look at our production policy in details for the same.

Are the products available in stock for immediate Order?

With 60,000+yardage of fabrics in stock, you can always choose from available fabrics of your choice. The quantities are mentioned with each product.

Where can I find the Estimated Date Of Delivery?

Each item available for pre-order will have its own specific estimated shipping dates which give a range of timeline within which Your PreOrdered items will be ready for shipping.

How to fulfil a payment?

An Advance Payment is required at the time of placing the PreOrder and the remaining balance to be paid upon shipping once your order is ready. You’ll be notified as soon as your order is ready, you can pay the remaining balance including the shipping cost and your order will be shipped.

Can I cancel a pre-order item?

If you have changed your mind about the product purchased in pre-order, you can easily cancel the item from our PreOrder dashboard within 24 hours since purchase. From that moment on it won't be possible to cancel. 

Can I amend my Pre-order?

It will be not possible to modify existing PreOrders. Although you can place a new PreOrder as soon as possible and notify us via email at We would do our best to combine and produce both orders together to maintain the exact quality and colour aspects. 

How long will it take to ship out my pre-order?

Waiting times vary from item to item and will be mentioned for each particular item. Please keep in mind that if you placed a PreOrder containing multiple PreOrder items, the whole order will be on hold and dispatched entirely upon ready. 

Would the products be available for Re-order?

With our in-house production unit & 300+ weavers spread across multiple clusters,  we are equipped to produce our textiles any time in line with a sustainable slow fashion process. 

It is always advisable to order swatches of some fabrics before you decide on Pre-orders. Once satisfied, you can order the same design or make any design/colour changes on it as well. You can understand more about the process on our platform here.


We can produce custom-designed textile, garments, accessories or even homeware as per the specification sheet you provide us with. To ensure the best possible results, we insist on dispatching swatches for approval. For any reference on our existing design, please order swatches for your hand feel and approval before confirmation.

You can find more details regarding production under the "Production Policy" on our policy page, here.

Team Anuprerna

Team Anuprerna

At Anuprerna, We Request Everyone To Contribute And Share. This Way We Can Create Global Recognition For These Beautiful Handwoven Crafts & Textiles To Bestow Value Onto The Ordinary Lives Of Our Artisans With Extraordinary Skills. And We Believe That's The Only Way We Can Build A Sustainable And Ethical World For Ourselves.

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